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A.I. Digital Biomarkers 
Wellbeing-Driven Innovation

Our engines are empowering Healthcare with Big Data and AI transformation.

About Us

A.I. Digital Biomarkers Company

We believe that we must break the typical way of using A.I. and our perception towards it. A.I. and Digital Biomarkers create the next generation of health innovations. We are dominating the market to be the No.1 biomarker solutions for small to large health businesses in Thailand.

Female doctor in the hospital
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Digital Biomarkers Health Innovation with A.I. 

Transform Healthcare Vision, Research and Data Into workable innovations.

we always keep track of emerging technologies and have developed our proprietary models and tools to deliver the best for our clients.

Explore our digital biomarker innovations


HIS Integrative Virtual Hospital

iTele is a platform for creating channels designed 
to  be used with a variety of hospital systems. 
iTele provides remote medical services through the internet in the form of audio and video

Clients and Partners


Innovation Team

Developing research based, socially impacting, innovations. Designing internal logic applications or platforms whilst cooperating with program developer and UX UI designers.


Product Design

In the Product team, we focus on the
UX (User experience) and the
greatest UI (User Interface) to
give the optimal display for users and


Project Management

The team that manages all in-house projects to meet the expectations of our clients with our technologically advanced


Abstract Background

We re-invent the practicality of AI and Digital Biomarkers

Enabling a better longevity of humans with new world data 

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