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21St Century
Healthy Workplace

Changing how we look at health in the modern workspace. Get your digital health check with WellLife today.

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Our Service

Application for taking care of employees in a holistic organization both
physically and mentally, such as doing sport challenges and assessment that leads to planning health goals.

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Your A.I. Companion, Activities and Mission.

Unlock employees to take care of & relax your body from work, whether it’s working in a repetitive
motion or using a lot of your eyes at work

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IoT Accessibility 

WellLife has enhanced the functionalities of IoT devices, especially Smart Watch. This integration allows users to know their daily steps for a better active movement adjustment and healthier lifestyle. Moreover, there are daily challenges of step counting. Thus, this helps motivate users to get more active and so collecting points from each challenge to later redeem any target reward provided by the employer.


Personalized Care in Your Workplace

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Better Engagement & Quality of Working

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Clients and Partners


Better Understand Your Employee’s Health

WellLife is the only complete solution 
that helps employers take care of employees' 
health and detect potential health issues using A.I. 

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