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Cancer Self-Screening
On-Hands (A.I.)

The First Thailand innovation for Self - Screening Cancer 
that help prospect patients record their chief complaint 
and increase their health consciousness in time. 

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A.I. Revolutionize your 
cancer journey

Well’s  AI services provide self-screening of cancer.
The AI services respond to the information entered,
screening questions flow, and remote consultations
with doctors and health care professionals via video conference.

Well’s  Methodology is developed from
International guideline,more than 6,000 patient chief complaints,research, and oncologists in Thailand.  

Well A.I. database applied risk factors and the pattern and 
combination of 29 most common cancer symptoms (total of 47 features) that people usually ignore.  It is not intended to replace a visit with your healthcare provider or a medical diagnosis.   

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How Does it work ?

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Related symptoms,Risks and Genetic

Cancer Risk Self-Checking

100k A.I pattern to achieve 5 mins/session

Doctor simulation

Well screening helps patients be more accessible to the specialist.

iTele-Consult with Doctor

cancer risk results and A.I. recommendation for self-awareness 

Smart Advice

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Check your Cancer Risk

You may be experiencing the symptoms of cancer or  project your cancer risk through A.I. Doctor Simulator in 5 mins (Over thousand patterns) 
You can check cancer risk in 6 type of disease ;
Colon, Breast ,Cervical, Liver , Lung  and Cholangiocarcinoma Cancer



How Does it work ?

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in Collaboration  with


Check your cancer
Risk here

Or Contact us for Research Collaboration 
or being our partner

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HER Will is a collaborative group of Breast disease associations, patient groups, organizations that want to solve breast cancer problems from examination, screening through treatment.

So we would like to invite all women to join this campaign, to check for risk factors, empowering breast cancer patients, and send encouragement to one another “Fighting for you together”.

Check your risk with Her will

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