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The 21st A.I. Powered 
Cardiology Assisstant 

The A.I. platform that help cardiologist interpret the EKG result from 
machine, set the new standard and integrated data for personalized 
healthcare in the future.

What can we do for you ?

Our Service

Assistant Cardiologist Report Reader and Editor.
An efficient ECG interpret system for personalized 
healthcare of cardiology industry in Thailand, our 
system will innovate A.I. aspect of cardiology across 
various settings such as translating technical terms 
into medical  terms or analyzing the graph, which we 
aim to reduce slow and exhausting process. We also 
open to any  possibility of further solution.


What you with Well Beat ?


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More and more with Well Beat


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A better ECG interpret system

Efficient A.I. Powered ECG analyser  
that can be used as guideline from
cardiologists and support non-
specialist doctors.

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New Protocol in Cardiology

For hospitals and a new standard for

training doctors and cardiologists.

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Seamless transition 

user experiences for doctors

More and more with Well Beat


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Join Invitrace and start 
growing together.

Let’s Join and Request demo for better experience.

Our case study and experience in  Hospital

Every new Client is an opportunity for having another.

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