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Digital Biomarker is The Future

Our World is changing
with A.I. Technology

Invitrace believes that digital biomarkers such as data from your smartwatch (Quantifiable physiological and behavioural data that are collected and measured using digital devices such as portables, wearables, implantables, or digestible e.g., steps, sleep, stress,) combined with the ability of A.I. offer a revolutionary way to turn new data sources into useful, actionable information, or health-related outcomes to create a new standard of healthcare in Thailand.


Abstract Background
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Health Innovation with A.I. 

Transform Health Vision, Research and Data Into Workable.

we always keep track of emerging technologies and have developed our proprietary models and tools to deliver benefits to our clients.

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In 2019, we created an A.I. health communication platform, followed by deep tech screening. In 2021, we will be the elite digital biomarker company in Thailand.


We believe we must break a typical way of using A.I. and perception of it. A.I. and Digital Biomarker create the next generation of Health Innovation

And we are on our way to boosting the market domination to be No.1 in Thailand in the digital biomarker solution for large to small health businesses.

Our Story

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Our Philosophy


Invitrace Mission

Our mission is to reduce 1% of NCDs burden of Southeast Asia with a better accessibility & affordability of healthcare.

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Invitrace Vision

By 2030, Extend the healthy life expectancy of  1 million people by A.I. Digital Biomarker, while sustain the growth of our businesses.

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Invitrace Vision

IFV represents our commitment: With our businesses, we innovate to sustain a 21st-century of healthy & longevity world.

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Our Network and Research partners

Our works are unique and created by the combination of international knowledges of

UX/UI specialist, doctors, data scientist and front-end service.



Our research based Unit
 UK (North UK & London)

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Our HQ
Bangkok, Thailand

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