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Well Screening

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Hospital Edition


For Wellbeing

Virtual Hospital

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A.I. Driven Wellbeing Workspace

Wellbeing Assessment Tools for International Workplace

Well Happiness

Platform for employees

New and Easy,

Workplace Wellbeing check tools, with A.I. Human-Like.

(From Physical, Office Syndrome, to your mood)


Do it, daily, weekly, or monthly are ok,

depends on your HR team suggestion. 

Personalised Recommendation;

  • Fitness and Food knowledges

  • Dietary advice (med-approved)

  • Suggested Health supplements

  • Deliver to your Workplaces!

Instant Virtual Call to consult with hospital,

(Nutritionist, Physical therapist, or Doctors)

or Book health check with Leading hospital.

New Wellness index

Dashboard for Human Resource and Corporate

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Reduce absence cost of HR 20%-30%, 

Increase health engagement 30%-40%,

See how your employees Wellbeing impacts productivity

Identify even the smallest change,

HR can act quickly to improve Workplace health index

when see the change in employee wellbeing.

Measurable Life Data,

Understand the effectiveness of training

and how courses are impacting key metrics

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