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How we develop our health-related recommendation and guideline




In the WellLife application, we adapted international knowledge with our user experience method. Our MSD questionnaires (DDC), Wellbeing questionnaires (WHO-5 Wellbeing index), burnout questionnaires, walking steps guideline and all health contents refer to the following literature and references;

Research and Medical support



1. MSD questionnaires; Department of disease control (DDC

2. Topp, C. W., Østergaard, S. D., Søndergaard, S., & Bech, P. (2015). The WHO-5 Well-Being Index: a systematic review of the literature. Psychotherapy and psychosomatics, 84(3), 167-176.

3. Borritz, M., Rugulies, R., Bjorner, J. B., Villadsen, E., Mikkelsen, O. A., & Kristensen, T. S. (2006). Burnout among employees in human service work: design and baseline findings of the PUMA study. Scandinavian journal of public health, 34(1), 49-58.

4. Pérez, T. C., Andreu, A. C., Alvarez, N., & Martınez, F. C. (2011). Professional burnout and work satisfaction in Spanish allergists: analysis of working conditions in the specialty. J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol, 21(1), 13-21.

5.Wattanapisit, A., & Thanamee, S. (2017). Evidence behind 10,000 steps walking. Journal of Health Research, 31(3), 241-248.

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