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Wellbeing Intelligence

W.I. is a unique development philosophy and algorithm of our A.I.

This is Where Artificial Intelligence meets Human Wellbeing.

We believe that we must break a typical way of using A.I. and perception towards it. A.I. must create meaningful interaction, and suggestion beyond sales, promotion and advertising. Good A.I. must base on a reasonable ethical concern of human wellbeing.


There are five principles we do to develop our A.I.;

Principle 1: Our A.I. is based on human wellbeing needs. 

We have to make A.I. ethics and safety concerns the priority to handle

society's impacts safely and steer the implementation of A.I. systems

towards optimum public gain. 

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Principle 2: We will also entail a joint effort between specialists

a team of data scientists, marketer, developer and medical expert 

integrate and align our A.I. development to meet ethical standards

and principles that safeguard human wellbeing.

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Principle 3: Engine of our A.I. designed to fit real-time interaction. 

As a whole solutions,with the fast speed

of interaction between front-end

application and dashboard. This allows A.I.

to breakthrough just research setting,

but turn into practical innovation.

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Principle 4:  Visualize the most complex data into dashboards 

We will make sure that our simplified

charts, graphs, and statistics visual-based

dashboard from A.I. is accessible.

Thus, everyone will not be able

to access their most valuable data. 

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Principle 5: Fundamental A.I. support data 

Fundamental A.I. support data architecture is built in every platform

to allow clients to utilize data to create A.I. technology from their potentials.

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