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Our World is changing
with A.I. technology

Digital Biomarker is the future


Invitrace is an A.I.based health-tech unit under the Inviter group.

Our Ambitious project is to build A.I.-led health services for the Thai and international market.

Invitrace : Bridging Tech and Human wellbeing 

   A.I. Digital Biomarker innovations

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In 2017, we created an A.I. lifestyle Event app (Inviter), before introducing one of the most advanced health communication platforms, followed by deep tech screening and so on. In 2021, we are the elite digital biomarker company in Thailand.

We believe that we must break a typical way of using A.I. and perception towards it. A.I. and Digital Biomarker creates the next generation of Health Innovation

And, we are on our way to boosting the market domination to be No.1 in Thailand in the digital biomarker solution for large to small health businesses

Unique idea

Practical invention

Invitrace Company Limited AI design experience

in health innovation and consultant area.


Our team and our partners work for a wide range of

International & Thai clients from government

to medium and large companies.


Expertise in the area of Healthcare & Hospital.


A.I. Feel-to-text

A.I. Meaningful Matching people

Effective A.I.

Our Network

Our works are unique and created by the combination of international knowledges of

UX/UI specialist, doctors, data scientist and front-end service.



Our research based unit

UK (North UK & London)


Our HQ

Bangkok, Thailand

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